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Monday, August 24, 2015

Who welcomed students back the best?  As our kids have gotten back to school I know there are some really hardworking teachers and administrators that did some pretty cool things to welcome them back.  Red Carpets going from the bus/cars to the front door, Star War's "characters" greeting students (Boynton Elementary and Heritage Middle Schoos) are two of the most unique and exciting ones I heard.  Any others?

7th Time Down on the show tomorrow and giving away a NIKE Fit Bit! In honor of their new album "God on the move" the guys from 7th Time Down will be joining me on the show tomorrow morning and giving away free copies of their new CD as well as one autographed one and a Nike Fit Bit.  Call in tomorrow and share your testimony/story of the most recent time God has been on the move in your life.  We will take all who call in and via a random draw pick the Grand prize and CD winners.

Today's Monday Morning Chuckle

Michael Jr shared what it was like growing up po....I mean poor!



Today's Monday Morning Chuckle is Bob Smiley talking about Wedding Vows



Today’s Monday Morning Chuckle is Henry Cho talking about one of his awesome kids.




Today’s Monday morning Chuckle Video


The weather is clearing up and getting nicer which means more things to do. What’s the 


Today's Monday Morning Chuckle:

With Easter coming up Sunday-here is a bonus Monday Morning Chuckle from The Skit Guys:



Just in case you missed our Jfest Headliner For King and Country last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live-here is one of the songs they performed. 


Today's Monday Morning Chuckle Jim Gaffigan shares about the Breakfast food from Heaven......BACON!



Today's Monday Morning Chuckle-in honor of the world famous "Snuggie!"



Today's Monday Morning Chuckle Michael Jr talks about finding humor in one of his first jobs.



Today's Monday Morning Chuckle-Tim Hawkins shares about how much he and his wife love movies.


Today's Monday Morning Chuckle features Jim Gaffigan talking about everyone's favorites doughnuts! 




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