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Friday, November 6, 2015


Cooking assistance hotlines for the holiday season

Turkey problems: Poultry Hotline, open 8 a.m.-2 p.m. ET on Thanksgiving Day


Reynolds Turkey Tips Line, open 24 hours through Dec. 31


Cranberry crisis: Ocean Spray Consumer Helpline, open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. ET Thanksgiving Day


Need help with bread: Fleischmann's Yeast Baker's Helpline, open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. CT Thanksgiving Day


What to do with leftovers: Campbell's Soups Holiday Leftovers Hotline, open Nov. 27-Dec. 31



Monday, November 2, 2015


Monday Morning Chuckle 


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Former Lee University player is now a Globetrotter

Former Lee University basketball player, Larriques Cunningham just signed on to play for the Harlem Globetrotters' for the 2016 world tour. After he transferred from Roane Sate, he played 2009-2011 at Lee, where the team went 51-17 and went to the NAIA national tournament both years. Cunningham also founded the Chattanooga Rail Runners minor leauge team. 

Tips for ER trips

No one wants to have to take child to the emergency room, but if it happens it's best to be prepared. Here are some tips to keep your next ER visit from being too traumatic. 

1. Visitation. Many hospitals have some visitation policy for patients. If you opt to call your family and friends have them meet somewhere besides the hospital to keep the visitors to parents or immediate family only. Updates are easier when everyone is all in one place and you still have a support system. 

2. Pack familiar toys, comfort items, and activities. We all know that ER's are notorious for the long waiting time so bring some items along with you to help pass the time and keep you and child occupied and at ease.

3. Prepare your child to meet many people. Doctors, nurses, and other medical and nonmedical teammembers will be in and out talking to both you and your child so be prepared to meet them all and know what their job is. 

4. Advocate for your child. Sometimes care plans involve painful procedures, don't hesitate to ask doctors or nurses to walk you through what they intend to do and how you can best support your child. 

5. Food and drinks. Some emergency rooms don't allow food or drink until the doctor gives the OK, mainly because of treatment plans so keep in mind that if you have a cranky and hungry child and you feed them that their care could be delayed. 

6. Keep routine. If your ER trip is in the middle of the night try to maintian your routine as much as possible. If it's late try to keep them in a warm dark place and only wake them when necessary. 

7. Be present. Parents are known for getting wrapped up in the situation and letting the stress get the best of them. Try your best to be present for your child because they need you.

Friends in Christ

How many people do you have in your life that help you grow your faith? What about your kids lives? Groups like YoungLife help young students connect with each other and leaders to strengthen their relationship in Christ and to meet new people. YoungLife is one of the groups that is for every kid, even those of little or no faith. Since the group was founded, it has gained over 1.6 million young people and ministries in over 90 countries. The group is a great way to build lasting relationships and bonds with teens. 

Glass bridge

The Holmberg Pedestrian Bridge, known to locals as the 'glass brdige' downtown may not be repaired. Since it opened in 2005, the glass panels have been damaged and needed to be replaced but it may cost more to repair than its worth. Each glass panel costs up to $5,000 to replace and over 10 years the dollars quickly start to add up. No decision has been made on what to do with the bridge. 

Barn destroyed at McDonald Farm

The Sale Creek Volunteer Fire Department was called to the scene in Sale Creek early Sunday morning where the barn was already immersed in the fire. Luckily there were no animals in the barn and no injuries, the only loss was to farming equipment that was being stored there. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

Chattanooga's riverfront still under construction 

Construction to repair the damage at Ross' Landing is still underway. These fixes were supposed to be done by Riverbend this year, but have taken longer than expected due to new issues arising. Work on the riverfront will continue to at least Jan. 1, 2016.


Monday, October 12, 2015


Living small

Think you could live in a tree house? Owl Tree Cabin is a tiny cabin located in Northern California. It comes with a compact kitchen, bathroom, hot water, loft style room, all with a creative tree house feel. This isn't the only 'mini house' people are talking about and building, because that's all they can afford. They are all across the country, inlcuding here in Chattanooga. How important is luxury to you? What makes a house a home? Is it the size or the feeling you get when you're there?

Local Heroes

Several members of three local fire departments: Bradley County Fire and Rescue, Chattanooga Fire Dept. and Cleveland Fire Dept., redeploy to South Carolina to assist with the extreme flooding. Thanks to those offering their suppot, the existing crews who have worked so tirelessly to rescue hundreds since Oct. 3, will receive a much needed break to recoop and get back to work. 

National swimming event coming to Chattanooga

The 2017 Open Water Swimming National Championships Festival will be held in Chattanooga. Instead of Chattanoga campaining to have the event here, United States Masters Swimming sought out local officials to request their bid to host the festival, which consists of a 1-mile fun swim, 1-3 miles championship and the 9+ mile championship. 

Fashion in fitness

Newest trend in fitness is fashion. Many designers and stores now make room for fashion worthy workout gear, something practical enough to wear to the gym yet cute enough to wear on the streets before or after your workout. Is this just another excuse for women to go shopping or get a little extra dressed up to burn some calores? 

VW may compensate for huge error?

According to Volkswagen's top U.S. executives, VW could potentially compensate owners of diesel cars by paying them for the loss of value of their vehicles. They have $7.3 million set aside to handle the scandal, but don't know if even that will be enough. 


Monday, October 5, 2015


Pastor's Breakfast

J103 is hosting a Pastor's Breakfast to honor pastors, clergy, chaplains, and pastoral staff on October 22 at The Chattanoogan Hotel. This is a free event that will include breakfast, music, and a guest speaker. Spouses are also encouraged to attend. For more info and to RSVP please visit

Touchdown of the Week

The touchdown of the week went to Heritage High School's, Logan Pickett. Logan, who is the team manager, dressed out for the game Friday night against Cartersville and scored the final touchdown of the game. Picket, who is a senior with autism, was given the ball and ran the touchdown that touched the hearts of everyone watching. Both teams huddled up next to him after he scored to celebrate with him. What a great example of sportmanship at its finest, congratulations Logan!


Is it time to clean out your garage?

Does your garage need a makeover? We have some good news that may help with this project to declutter. Organizing your garage has gotten easier and hassle-free with new products available to assist. Storage pieces have become easier to handle and install, taking away some of your stress during this project. Companies like Chattanooga Closet, who offer makeovers from all shapes and sizes, are also here to help. 

Monday Morning Chuckle

Chattanooga Christian Chargers setting an example

Nearly every year on their bye week, the entire junior and senior classes of the Chattanooga Christian football team, take a retreat. This is a time for them to get away, pray, and challenge each other while growing in their faith. The bye week is an opportune time for them to recover from any bumps halfway through the season and experience community. Is it time for you to take a retreat and recharge to grow in your faith as well?


Monday, September 28, 2015


Sherrif refuses to remove "In God We Trust" from cars

Brian Duke, Henderson County Sheriff, received a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation requesting him to remove our nation's motto, "In God We Trust" from government vehicles because it doesn't belong. Duke added the motto to nearly 20 cars last month and replied to the letter with a simple "no." 

Tips for a happy healthy life with your dog

Anyone with dogs knows just how much joy and love they can bring to owners and families, so why not keep them happy and give back all they give to us. 

Dogs love to play, try setting aside time each day for play sessions, which not only improves your bond but promotes a healthy lifestyle for them. Bring them along on family activities like the park or the beach. Check out an obedience class. This is a great way to teach your dog some new tricks and a way to discover some of their hidden talents. 

Give you dog a job. Keep them focused by giving them tasks like having them sit before giving them a treat or taking them outside. Don't forget to praise your dog. Dogs aim to please so praising them for a job well done after good behavior or obeying a command is a must.

And of course, find, "the spot," on their belly's that makes their legs go crazy.  

Mr. East Ridge goes to...

Doug Rosser has been among the 'chain gang' at East Ridge High School for over 46 years now. Rosser, who didn't even attend East Ridge High School has considered himslef a Pioneer since their first football game in 1959. The school's athletic director says that she's always thought of Doug as the ultimate Mr. East Ridge and that he would do anything for anybody at the school. But his time and service doesn't end at attending to the down-and-distance markers. Rosser has helped maintain and repair the athletic facilities at East Ridge during his time there as well, all while encouraging the kids to just do their best. Rosser has proven how dedicated he is to the school and its athletic program, working hard to shape the lives of young atheletes today.

Best of the Best

We would like to give another huge thanks to those who voted in the Chattanooga Times Free Press Best of the Best. J103 won Chattanooga's favorite radio station for the FOURTH year in a row Friday night, and it was all thanks to our listeners here who support the ministry. JFest also was a finalist for Best Special Event and Best Local Event. Thank you for helping keep Christian music on the radio here in Chattanooga, and allowing us to be a part of your life. 


Congratulations to all of those who participated in the Ironman this past weekend. More than 2,500 athletes from all across the U.S. and 24 countries gathered to compete in the Ironman, which had the closest finsh in Ironman history. 


Monday, September 21, 2015


Church being built at Trade Center 

The first concrete was poured on August 28, starting the building process of the St. Nicholas National Shrine surrounding the memorial. Framework is now in place for the drum-shaped sanctuary that was once just an idea to replace the St. Nicholas Greek Orhodox Church that was demolished by the collapse of 2 World Trade Center. 

New Chattanooga Plant to bring over 500 jobs. 

Automotive supplier, Gestamp recently purchased the empty Brauch candy plant to move production for Volkswagen's new SUV. Gestamp plans to add to the Jersey Pike facility and add another stamping facility beside VW's assembly site. They still intend to add around 510 new employees to the Chattanooga locations over the next few years. 

How to talk to your kids about "new human species"?

Scientists in South Africa claim to have discovered a new member of the human family tree. This creature shows a mix of human-like and primitive characteristics, and is even said to have walked upright. 

How to respond when your kids ask about this?

Followers on our Facebook page believe that scientists can create anything such as this and sell it as fact. The Bible tell us that God created Adam and Eve, therefore everyone else comes from them. These scientists found bones, that show a resemblance of humans, not a new species. 



Friday, September 11, 2015


Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga is hosting its seventh annual "Camp Out" Saturday November 7 at 5p.m. It extends through Sunday Nov. 8 at 7 a.m. on UTC's Lupton Library in the parking garage.

Families and volunteers will be given a chance to experience what the homeless people in Chattanooga and all over the world go through by building their own cardboard box house while spending the night outside and eating food similar to that provided by our community soup kitchen. For more information please log on to or call 423-756-3891.


100 new jobs coming to Chattanooga

Unknown software development firm is hoping to find a Chattanooga office to create 100 jobs over the next three years, seeking Java developers. The prospective employer is said to be a medium sized IT and software development firm serving a wide range of businesses across the U.S. If interested please submit resume and cover letter to




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