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Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret (L.T.B.)


knowing secrets is tough. that's not to say i'm not good at it cause i do believe i am. you can ask my ladyfriend becca, i hardly ever crack when pressed on information on a shared secret. what i AM afraid of though is sharing secrets. i'm not that good on trusting people to maintain zipped lips when it comes to either private information or time sensitive material. it makes me nervous.

it's so easy to trust in something that i have some sort of control over (like myself), and to know that i won't cave in and share something i'm not supposed to. it's in that same vein that makes it so hard to give up control and trust someone else to do the right thing with my secrets.

it's like that a lot with God sometimes too. it scares me sometime to give up control and let God take over cause then i don't know what's going to happen. it's out of my hands. when we've got our best laid plans in motion and God comes in and says "actually, i'd like you to do this instead", it can send you reeling, shake you up a little bit and yes, sometimes even piss you off.

but who better to surrender to than the creator of all things? the God that loves you more than anything! i know if i'm going to trust someone, why not go straight to the top and put my faith in the one that strengthens me? to abandon myself to his will? sure that can be scary, but it's also terribly exciting as well.

(PS: LTB means "Like The Beatles"...the title is from one of their songs coincidentally and that's all i could think of after writing it out)

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