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Lightsabers in 3D!


my childhook can be seperated in to two halves. before i watched Star Wars, and after i watched Star Wars. haha, ok, so that's honestly not true and i'm not THAT big of a nerd (just partially that big), but i do remember seeing the revamped digital releases when they came out at the old northgate mall theatre. this was before Jar Jar Binks and robots and the like, back when Star Wars was still lightsabers and good versus evil and little green men.

i was pretty geeked to hear that George Lucas is re-releasing all six movies to theatres, and IN 3D! cash grab? sure it is! but that doesn't mean i won't enjoy it! the only thing i'm disapointed in is it's going to be that almost "fake" kind of 3D you know? since it wasn't shot in 3D, they're basically just faking different parts of it. oh well, as long as i've got at least lightsaber sparks and a death-star explosion blasting out at me, i'm good.

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