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If it sounds to good to be true.....


My son, Trevor, has once again learned the life lesson: "It is sounds to good to be true-it probably is."

He decided to take his graduation money and order a laptop for use at college. (I am so proud-smart decision!) He went to the Dell website and saw a promotion that led you to belive if you order a laptop you would receive a "free" XB0X 360 game console.

He already has a Xbox but thought he would sell it and help pay for his books. We sat down and went through the process of online ordering. Everything seemed fine until he received his email order confirmation and saw he was being charged $213 for the "free" Xbox.

I called today, and after talking to several foreign countries learned that it wasn't a "free" XBox but a "Bundled" XBox-translation? You just bought a XBox too!

In life, I am sure he is going to learn this lesson many times over, but there is one thing that sounds to good to be true........and it is!

Jesus Christ loves us so much that He gave His life so that we could have eternal life. He paid the price for my sin. I don't have to suffer the consequences of my sin-Jesus did.

That is to good to not be true!

Oh by the way......Trevor is sending the computer and XBox back and will order another one, (seems like they could just take back the XBox and refund the money-but no-he has to send it all back and reorder-something about "bundled price"). Unless someone wants to buy a new XBox for..........$500????? LOL!

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