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I let the Monster Loose!


Playfully, I call Trevor's dog, Oakley-"The Monster." This morning I let Tia and Roxie (Amy's chihauahas) ot to "do their business". And then after a 5 minute headstart I let Oakly out. Oakley, (if he weren't so sweet, young and dumb), could eat the smaller dogs. He is that big.

He made a B-Line for Tia (the white chihauaha), who growled at him, showed her teeth and he ran away. He ran to Roxie next and she (the brown chug-chiahuaha/pug mix) just rolled over on her back and acted like a slug. After Oakly sniffed her he went away to do her business while Roxie remained on her back looking paralyzed.

How do you handle the "monsters" of your life. In reality they are harmless and just irritants but how do you face them? Do you bear your teeth, growl and stand your ground against them? Or maybe you roll over on your back and let them totally overtake you.

I say, "sniff em back!"

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