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The Love Handles are Gone!!!


I know-it sounds to good to be true, but it really is.

I was invited to come and try out the CoolSculpting at J103 corporate partner In Good Health (right here in East Ridge on Tombras)

I have always struggled with my love handles. Even when I trained for the Body Building Show 5 years ago the last thing to disappear was the love handles. But then, I never lost the fat cells-which is what causes the deposits of fat.

This new, cutting edge, FDA approved, technology actually kills fat cells and my bodies own immune system carries them out of my body over time.

The procedure was easy. No real discomfort, (just about 20 seconds of a real cold pad being laid up against me, and a little tugging when getting hooked up to the technology). I went in to the new modern office-they took several before pictures and hooked me up. The machine (like a vacuum) pulled my love handle in and blasted it with really cold air (I didn't feel it because I was already numb from the cold pad).

After an hour of watching a new movie (that I have been wanting to see) they moved the machine to the other side.

When I got home-I was almost in shock at how effective the technology is-my love handles are gone! And my wife.....she's super jeaouls!!! I'm going back next week to start on my abdominal wall.

Of course this also makes me want to eat right and exercise!
I'll keep you posted!

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