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Brett Ritchey
Brett Ritchey he walked through the dense, dark forest, the smell of rotting vegetation stung his nostrils through the damp air. Brett slowly made his way throught the scraping underbrush as the tree limbs pulled at his clothes like tiny hands holding him back from searching further along the overgrown path. It was there that he caught a glimpse of it. Just beyond the tree line, in a clearing up ahead, a glint of purple and yellow shone off of the dull metal skeleton of a long-since crashed biplane.

Brett raced through the branches and briars holding him back from the clearing, breaking through the shadowy dusk of the forest and into the bright sunshine that bathed the clearing in an early morning glow. Making his way to the downed airplane, he climbed up the remnants of the left wing to what once was the pilot's cockpit and searched the interior, fervently exploring the driver's seat and surrounding areas. His hands fumbled beneath the worn and tattered canvas of the chair till his fingers grazed a wooden box.

Brett's eyes gleaming at his discovery, he unconsciously held his breath as he gently tugged the wooden box from the cockpit and walked it over to an aged stump. Setting the box on the stump, he ran his fingers across the smooth crease of the lid and pulled the leather straps that held the box shut gently apart. Brett took one last breath as he propped the worn wooden box open and gazed upon his treasure. It was everything he had hoped for and more, it was....


well for those who are unsure of who i am, my name is Brett and I am the midday man on J103. i started working full time at J103 a little over a year ago, and started out on air with Crossroads, then overnights, then evenings and now middays. my favorite hobby is playing ultimate frisbee or meeting up online to play some Xbox with my good friends from Cleveland TN to San Fransisco CA.

i have a lovely girlfriend named Becca who is going to be a great teacher someday, and an awesome family who have pushed me to succeed my whole life in everything from athletics to my walk with God. be sure to check my blog regularly for more randomness like the aforementioned story. have an ever-so-pleasant day!

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so, what's 'moderation'? and why does it want to hold my comments? wait a minute..., that's not right, ...hmm... OH, so WHO'S holding my comments? and why do they do so for this...'moderation" you note above? why does 'moderation' desire to have my comments held?

hey, just being a little silly, but really, i don't know what that means, "held for moderation". i trust you, though, so i'll submit a comment nonetheless. i just HAVE to tell you, brett, that i've never been able to mentally 'pair' your voice with your appearance! don't take me wrong, both are quite pleasing and leave nothing to be desired, however, i heard your voice before i saw you, and your voice has a certain quality that i expected to resonate from a large man, umm... kinda thick-necked and, well, just BIG. i'm not disappointed at all, just a bit pleasantly surprised. the new site is very very good, and i logged-on this morning, saw it for the first time, and loved it once i realized i really was at the right place!

great job! stay obedient.

in His Service,
stephanie wilkes
That's a really good beginning...your introductory story, I mean. Now...WHAT WAS IN THAT BOX???!
I have the J103 website as my homepage. Brett, now I know how you felt when you opened the box! The first time the new website popped up on my screen, I was just in awe! I thought, OH WOW, look at this, this is great! Such a difference. Now I can't wait for my homepage to come up so I can let my eyes be entertained and informed all at the same time! Whoever designed this, clap, clap, clap, BRAVO, BRAVO!

Now on another note, I have listened to J103 back when the station was first aired, that was a while back too. I was so encouraged, lifted up, enlightened, joyful and other things I can't seem to put into words. We sing the songs played as praise and worship at my church and it is wonderful to be able to sing and know the words already at worship and then in my car too as I am going down the road, praising the Lord!

Jesus First! Jo Ann
the box holds the new J103 website!! I agree with with bev & jo (above) on all counts. BUT: you guys are very busy, i know, (c'mon, bev & jo, back me up here) but we the people need updates! i've checked back twice now (like you said to), yet no new blog post. since 8/31. it's now 10/8. maybe you could squeeze a little something in at some point in the near future?
i heard you on the air just briefly the other night with becca (beautiful name, by the way) and she seems so lovely. then i was in my car when i heard she'd let you help her grade papers, and i was a bit concerned for her because i wondered if that might get her in trouble, ya know, for allowing someone else (you...) to grade her papers.(jk, lol) but my concern was put to rest when i heard that it was only elementary math stuff like 1+1=2 and 2+2=4 cause i believe becca's a pretty smart gal who's not gonna let you do stuff that's over your head. just kidding, ritchey. you're a good boy for helping becca.
i'd also like to note that the j103 fall friend-raiser was yet another wonderful experience! i truly enjoyed volunteering and having the opportunity to talk with the many other folks from all around who love the station and the music as i do. i was so disappointed when circumstances took me away from day 3, but i will never forget days 1 & 2. i happily anticipate my next opportunity to volunteer! what a great time it was for me! i will be remembering those who so generously made pledges of support to j103 in my prayers, asking God to help everyone not only to be able to meet their pledge goals, but to exceed them.
oh, and help me out, ritchey, don't let bob forget he still owes me a shirt!

great job!
steph wilkes


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