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Brett Ritchey
Brett Ritchey

i recently read a blog by a guy named Ethan Luck. Ethan just so happens to be in this small Christian band named Relient K...maybe you've heard of them? if not, ask one of the youth in your church. they'll fill you in. anyways, so Relient K is playing a show in NYC with a band called The Gay Blades. it happens to be an old movie reference tied to the masked man, Zorro.

that's not how a vocal minority of the commenters on Relient K's facebook page see it though. many of these Christians feel disapointed, let down, mad or even disgusted that Relient K would associate themselves with a band called The Gay Blades, let alone share the stage with them, just because the word gay is mentioned.

so here's my thing, we hear people often quote Paul in his words to the Christian church about refraining from eating meat, if eating that meat would cause a weaker Christian brother to, in layman's terms, "freak out". we also see Jesus continuously hang out with prostitutes, diseased people, the homeless and dirty old tax collectors (back in the day they were the "lawyers" and "politicians" of their time), but with the purpose of loving them and sharing the hope found in his grace (aka, evangelizing).

so which is it here? love the bands they play with that may or may not be Christians as well as play in a venue that may or may not be a "Christian" venue? only "Christian" venues and minister only to Christians so as not to offend Christians who are weak in their faith? what do you think?

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That is a tuff one. I've been in the same predicament. It would depend on the demographics in which their ministry is designed. Are they focusing on non-believers, as some that have gone mainstream, or focusing on the church? We all have to be ready in season and out. I do find myself looking at certain individuals and thinking "Man, what are they doing," but I don't know his or her motives. Then I have to stop myself and say wait a minute. They are probably doing exactly what needs to be done. I have friends that have went to local Adult Bookstores just to tell the owners that Jesus cares about them and values their lives. Not to condemn them for their practices. I know an evangelist that is very, very, very bold by the name of Mark Cahill that pays prostitutes to sit and talk about Jesus. I say play on brothers and spread the love. That is what we are supposed to do, right? We wouldn't spread peanut butter on the piece of bread that is already covered. I hope that makes a little sense. Acts 1:8
If they were true, born again BELIEVERS. Then they shouldn't be offended. We spend too much of our lives criticizing what we weren't brave enough or faithful enough to accomplish.
so here is my take... if we walk in to any church or gathering of believers expecting anything different than walking out among the world, we are deceiving ourselves.

one place is no different than the other. above this, we are called to be servants to the world at large... and to not discriminate.

whether there is the word "gay" in a name, or one of our fellow "believers" has been struggling with homosexuality, abuse, infidelity, addiction, pornography, or anger... we are still to pay attention to their need and love them.

just because something has "christian" put on it doesn't mean it's Christ. you don't have to label that something, it should be evident in motive and action.

2k years later, and we still miss the boat across Galilee all the time.
I think we have been put on this Earth to serve the Lord and love the way he loves us. So what if they have the word "gay" in their name. Isn't "gay" really supposed to mean having or showing a merry, lively mood; bright and showy. I know I catch myself saying something is "gay" but meaning stupid/silly. The word isn't used correctly anymore so who are we to judge when the ultimate judge sees all and hears all. He knows their hearts, not us. We need to learn as Christians to stop judging so much and start loving more.
Stupid reason for boycotting Relient K. God gave us common sense. We need to use it. Yeah, if RK were living homosexual lifestyles, I could understand the hoopla. But they're not. Appearing with bands that may or may not live/profess a Christian lifestyle is no different from what Jesus did. Christians do need to loosen up quite a bit - we don't have to ACT like heathens but let's not condemn them to the point that they refuse to listen to us!


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