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Brett Ritchey
Brett Ritchey

this past week my teacher wife and I took a fall break and spent a couple days up in Pigeon Forge. it was our first time to go away just ourselves since we were married just over 3 months ago so it was a lot of fun to be all grown up and on our own outside of Chattanooga. we spent some time at the outlet malls where Becca got a new rain jacket and ate at our two favorite places, the Apple Barn and the Pottery House at the Old Mill.

we also were able to visit the big, giant boat of a museum after passing it so many times. the Titanic museum! we spent quite a while there learning the many stories behind the most famous ship sinking ever! we saw actual tickets to board the Titanic, one ladies life jacket from the actual sinking and even a key from the ship that a waiter used to open every door in the first class section. one thing that was pretty neat was we were there while a professional Captain Smith actor was also there and heard a great story about the Titanic's "last hero." i won't ruin it for you if you have the chance to hear him yourself, but it involves a preacher that was headed to the Moody Institute in Chicago but never made it.

if you get the chance to check out the museum, it's definitely worth it. you can feel the cold temperature of the water they sank in (it was below freezing!) and everyone that enters is handed a card with a person on it. you can find out at the end if you made it off the Titanic alive or not.

i didn't. Becca did. :P

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That's hilarious! I'd love to go and journey through that. To me, that'd be more ineteresting than watching the actual movie. Since you already knows what happens, why have a 4-hr movie about it? One night a Christmas or two ago, my best friend and I watched the last half of it. For me, that was enough because 1) it's the holidays so 2) why depress yourseld with a movie where 2/3 of the cast dies? It's something I'll never quite understand - mixing a love story and a sad ending.
Brett, THis is way off topic and has nothing to do with your blog so my apologies up front. I haerd a song that you played about 10:30-10:45, tonight. 11/1/13. The singer/artis of the song sings in a really high key, but it is most def. a guy singing. The chorus, or line that kept on stiking in my head was Have your way in me, lord, have your way in me. Now I tried to call when the song aired, but it was after hours so no luck. My problem is if I google or you tube the chorus line, it comes up with pop songs, or Hillsong. THis song is a contemperary song, focused on the acoustic guitar and vocals. I would like to learn this song so that I could play it for the congregation @ church on Sunday, but I cant find it. If you could direct me towards the artist, then Id be so thankful. GOd bless you and your wife, and remember put Jesus first and the rest just falls into place.
Those are also my fav places to eat. The water at the titanic is painfully cold. It's impossible to force your hand to stay in it more than a few seconds. I can't imagine my body being submerged in it.

Enjoy marriage- it's a WONDERFUL thing!!!


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