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To fully understand the story I am about to tell you there is a bit of background information you need to know. Every other year my dad's side of the family has a family reunion in Florida. I know most family reunions are tagged as time you get together with family that you barely know and hear all of them say how big you have grown. You then spend the better part of a few hours struggling to make conversation with your third cousin, while trying to figure out how they are related to you. Then you sigh that sigh of relief when it's finally time to go. Well, it is time to erase that visual from your head and let me create a new picture.

I have had the fortune to grow up close to my extended family and get to know them pretty well, so when family reunion rolls around it becomes one big party. The days are spent having bocce ball tournaments on the beach, while the wee hours of the morning are spent in a constant game of Risk or Settlers of Catan. Every other night we all gather in a clubhouse to enjoy a hot meal and devotion by one of the three branches of my dad's side. The off nights are spent with immediate family and a cousin's night out. What this means is that all of the older cousins go out to dinner without the kids. Well we are not exactly kids anymore, so my generation of cousins have started our own cousins night out. This usually consists of food, playing a prank on the older generation, and then going mini golfing to give us an alibi.

Four years ago, we came up with the brilliant idea to TP the house of the only bachelor left in the older generation, Christian. My cousins and I made a trip to the dollar store for a lifetime supply of toilet paper and came out with not only toilet paper but a blow up kid's pool, a few packets of the pills that turn into to sponge animals, and a pair of granny panties. When we returned to the house we deviously started to TP the outside of the house when we discovered that the sliding door had been left unlocked. We had extra toilet paper left so why not TP inside of the house as well. In the midst of our devious act my great aunt happened to walk by. She looked as us and said, "I did not see anything," and continued on her way. To add some finishing touches to our masterpiece we put the kid's pool on the roof right above the door and filled it with water and taped the granny panties to the front door, then immediately went mini golfing.

While we were golfing we all started getting texts from our parents about how they have called the cops and that the mean lady in the neighborhood has called the Home Owners Association to report the incident. We could not figure out if they were joking or not and we got a little worried. We should have known that our parents were just returning the prank. This is definitely a memory that will not be forgotten. 

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, fun, and loving family that enjoys spending time with each other. It so rare to find families that actually enjoy being in the company of one another and want to spend time together for an entire week. Family reunion is something my family has been doing for the past 30 or so years and it is a treasure I will not give up for anything.


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Well written. It has been our aim to make Family Reunion time. a time to remember.
I hope some other cousins will write their memories.
See you in St Augustine July 7th.
Very touching, heartwarming story, Alexandra. You are blessed. Keep up the good work. I am praying for you daily for God to help you with your school work and work. God bless.

Granddad and Grandmother Miller
I love this so much!!!! I always look forward to our family reunion. I can't wait to see all my cousins who have all grown up to be such beautiful, amazing people. I'm so proud!!
Aunt Mandy


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