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Scholar Brad
Scholar Brad

I'm done with running! No I mean the physical movement... I'm so tired of not being able to hoof 60 miles per hour... It's like my friend and fellow runner Friar stated " I never can go as fast as a I really want to go, so why should I even try?"

My sediments exactly! So now I'm going back to my first love -- biking! Specifically mountain biking.

I get a real rush riding with the green leaves brushing against my face, blue sky above and the brown of leaving town as I hit the trails. So I'm keeping my eye out for the bike that can handle 
going off trail in a moments notice.

So now comes the arduous task of going to the local bike dealers and tasking the test ride. So far this is the one that tops the list, a Felt 220. I just need to sell both cars and mow lawns for the next five years for the down payment.

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I thought for a few days about what would Jesus say about the death penality. I have never had a good answer in the past so I have one now. In short I think he would say render unto Caesar that which is Caesars. Jesus did not release the theives on the cross from their death sentence and his only comment was to tell the one he would be in paradise this day. He did not interfere in wordly goverment issues. They were convicted by the judicial system of the time. Rendering justice unto Ceasar.
The woman caught sleeping with another man that people like to bring up is a different thing entirely. First of all she was caught, that means if I remember my biology correctly that there was another person involved that was not brought before Jesus. You can't say that this was justice or fair, where was the other guilty party. Jesus new when he was being setup and that is what this situation was, a setup by the Pharisees.
Caesars government and our government was put on earth by God. Romans 13:4 states that if you do something wrong you should be afraid since the government/judicial system has the right to punish you. Since the Romans sent the theives to the cross they were probably convicted in court and found guilty. The woman did not have a fair trial and there was no justice involved only a desire to trick Jesus.
Sorry this was so long. This does help me next time this comes up in conversation.


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