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Scholar Brad
Scholar Brad

Am I the only person that thinks If I didn’t date everybody and there mom, I would be a lot further along in my quest to live a long and fulfilling life? I look back at tall the failed relationships-- where I changed to a point of obsession to become the person they were looking for -- or I forced myself to like them, because in my heart I thought this will be the best I ever you ever hear these words -- just keep running the race and after a while if you look over and see that proverbs 32 woman or man of God... keep running... because Father God will make your path intercept... for the longest time I thought this was just malarky... and then after six failed relationships... with major pining of why doesn’t she want me.... I gave up the search and said forget it --- I’m not going to date anymore--- 2 months later mr freewheeling and fancy free meets ms. right  at a singles party --- and would you believe Father God spoke that night  and said this is the one for you? So I hate to parrot the keep running proverb, but boy would life been much simpler I focused on the run to Christ and was suprised by the colision of my soul mate beth.

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I have decided to take the same approach to finding that special woman. After my marriage of 20 years came crashing down, crushing the dream of happily ever after and leaving me feeling broken and alone, I was determined to find MS. Right. I joined on-line dating sites and dated, not to enjoy the company but to continue the quest. After a period of time I was frustrated and miserable. I found I was contorting myself to fit someone else's mold. I was overlooking things in the beginning of the relationship that left me questioning what I was going and looking for a face saving way out. I am sure there were people I dated that would have been a great friend to have, but were left in the dust because I wasn't looking for a friend.

In the wake of the destruction that was my life, I found myself lost and alone. Happiness had become a fleeting memory of days long gone. One evening in the quiet of my living room I sat and questioned God why someone who had been so devoted to his marriage was in such a place. God had helped me through tough times before and that night I placed this mess which was my life in his hands again, for the last time ... I'm here to stay!

Since that day I have resumed my Bible reading and started to listen to the uplifting music that gives a message of hope and healing. I have started to rebuild my life, working to improve lost relationships with friends and doing things to meet new ones. I have gotten help to get my finances under control and started working out again. My job keeps me from being able to attend church on Sundays, I am working on changing that too.

About Ms. Right, I have stopped looking ... GOD already knows where she is and in His time I will too. Until then I will enjoy the new found happiness I have found in not always being in control and letting Him take care of the BIG PICTURE!!


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