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Steve Green
Steve Green

I've been asked a few dozen times what sparked the idea for The Weekend Rewind (Sundays 4-7pm on J103). It's simple really. I love Contemporary Christian Music. God called me into the ministry of Christian radio in the early 80's.  Contemporary Christian Music was something I knew absolutely nothing about. I fell in love with it the moment I was exposed to it.  I found the messages to be real and the songs hit home and applied directly to my life.  I was hooked. When I arrived at J103 a year ago, I had a strong desire to bring back some of the music that is the foundation of what we play on the radio today.  In the early to mid- 70's some very brave musicians followed their hearts and a call from God. They forever changed the sound of Christian music.  The grandfather of Contemporary Christian Music, Larry Norman was radical and strange to some. His long blonde hair and his loud rock and roll sound didn't "fit" in many Christian circles, but wonderful things happened when he sang. Young people were exposed to the Gospel for the first time in a way they could understand and relate to. Many more artists would follow him and the music has continued to evolve to this date.  But the Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli's and Brandon Heath's of today likely wouldn't exist if it weren't for Amy Grant, Petra, Larry Norman, Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart, Randy Stonehill and so many others.

As the music progressed and times changed, many of these artists were abandoned by Christian radio.  I believe we owe them a special place of honor for the trail they cut for the rest of us!  That's what the Weekend Rewind is.  It's a place of honor for dozens of great artists and hundreds of great songs that forged the way for today's Christian music.  Many of these songs are interwoven in the lives of some of you (and me). I pray as you listen to the Rewind that you will be touched again by songs that touched and changed you years ago.  If you're new to Contemporary Christian Music....give the Weekend Rewind a listen. You might be surprised by what you hear! And visit my blog again soon. I'll share some stories and experiences from 25 years of Christian radio and great music...right here! 

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Oh YEH! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I was beginning to think that everyone had forgotten all about those brave, blessed-by-God-with-Talent (with a capital T), pioneers of CCM!!! Folks look at me as if I've three heads when I say names such as, "Mylon LeFevre", "Greg X. Volts" (C'mon, you gotta bring some of his stuff back to us!), or "Sandy Patty"! The Weekend Rewind is EXACTLY the type of 'thing' that will "freshen-up" J103 and remind its listeners AND PARTNERS about what hooked them to J103 initially. Be bold! Be brave! Be obedient, and REMIND them of the smart, creative, devoted-to-God minds that started this whole thing, and they'll be MOVED. I say, "YEH, take 'em back to the start of the music, and back to the start of J103, and they WILL remember!" (I do.)

In His Service,
Stephanie Wilkes


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