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Steve Green
Steve Green

You're probably one of eleven million people that have seen the video of Ted Williams...the man with the golden voice, but if you've been in a are the cliff notes:  Friday December 31, 2010 Ted Williams is homeless, scruffy, living on the street, standing on a corner with a cardboard sign.  Today he is the talk of the nation....the new voice for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, probably the voice of the Cavs, a guest on the Today show two days in a row and the Jimmy Fallon show last night.  Everyone loves this story.  But I see GOD's hand all over this story in so many miraculous ways.

This is a real prodigal son story and a great radio story.  I'm a bit of a prodigal son myself and being a life-long radio guy....this one hits me right between the eyes.

Ted Williams had it all...the voice so many of us only wish we had....a wife and family....a budding career.....a mother that loved and prayed for him.  But alcohol and drugs took over his life. He lost it all and spent nearly two decades living on the street.  But here's the good part. He had a mother that NEVER stopped praying for him, and a Saviour that NEVER gave up on him.

Now, like the prodigal son of the Bible...Ted Williams has come home. He credits his praying mother and his faith in God as the two things that have turned his life around.  I'm cheering for him.  And I'm praying for him. I pray that this time...he'll cling to Jesus....not to his addictions....and this time....his mother's prayers will finally be answered. The Prodigal Son will be home for good.

So, what does all this have to do with you?  I don't know. You tell me.  Are you running from God? You may not be homeless, with a sign on the side of the road.....but you still may be running.  Have the ones you loved written you off? Given up on you?  GOD HASN'T!  I'm watching every step of Ted's story unfold and I'm celebrating all the way.  But I'd love to celebrate with you. Is today your day to come home?  Jesus is waiting.

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Great insights Steve. My wife and I were also very moved by Ted's story and his regret for not thanking God for his blessings back when he was actively employed at a radio station. This type of story illustrates that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, has value. No one is worthless. By the grace of God Ted has come home and is being blessed again. I pray he remains in the Lord's will.


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