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Steve Green
Steve Green

The world is mourning the loss of a superstar in the music business. Whitney Houston. Tragically, she has died way too young.  The evidence of her demons...alcohol and drug abuse....were etched in her face, displayed in her behavior. No one could argue that she was a very troubled person who battled some very strong demons in her life.

Add Whitney to an ever growing list: celebrities who've died too young, because they lost the battle with the demons in their life.  Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson are two more recent examples.

But enough about celebrities. What about you? What demons are you facing in your life? Are you trying to overcome them all alone? You can't! You will not win that battle.

I do have good news though!  You CAN win the battle through the strength of Jesus Christ and He alone.  What's your demon? Are you ready to give it to Jesus? 

You are just as important to your family as these celebrities are to their family and their fans.  Don't try to go down this road alone.  God will help you.  Reach out to him today!

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Steve, I'm thankful for you!!! You never comprimise the Gospel!
You lay it out on the line!!! When Steve Jobs passed away you reminded the listeners, "You can gain the whole world,but loose your own soul." Thank you for your BOLDNESS! Folks just need to call 1-888-NEED-HIM!!! "Come to Jesus and Live!"
Thanks again,
-Alex Williams
It is very sad what happened to her and the others. I just wish someone had gotten to them about the Lord and how he can free you from any addiction, any struggle, or any demon you are facing. He is Lord! And that means He can heal all who let Him in! I have learned in my life that you can not overcome things on your own. Christ is the only one who can "take care of business!" When you let Jesus control your life, nothing can ever be out of control! God is good all the time, and all the time He is good! God bless you!
In His Love,
Becky Meers


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