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Ted Gocke

As I sit here updating this blog-our Fall Friendraiser is going on, and I am sitting in telephone central, (after my 5 hour onair show), entering in the pledges and gifts that are coming in.

Those of you who have callled in are incredible!  Thank you for making the transition from listener to partner.  The phones have been ringing consistently.

When you call you are demonstrating The Power of One!  Each and every gift, like the woman who annointed Jesus in Mark 14, is significant.  Each $20, $40, $50 is just as important as the $500's and $1000's.  They each are responsible in reaching people for Christ and encouraging those who already walk with Him.

Speaking of someone who walks with Him, remember in prayer Denia Reese.  She is the Catoosa County Superintendent.  I am sure you have seen in the news the controversy surrounding the LFO HS cheerleaders banners at the football games.  For 20 years they have included inspirational, motivational scripture verses.  A Fort Oglethorpe citizen has filed a complaint, therefore they have been banned.

As you can imagine, this has caused quite the stir/debate.  Tonight there will a rally at the Fort Oglethorpe Chik-fil-a to support the cheerleaders and their signs.

Will Mrs. Reese be there?  I don't know, but I firmly belive she would want to.  She loves Catoosa County schools.  She loves the students who attend Catoosa County schools.  And I know she is a very Godly woman, who reads and follows God's Word, but she is faced with some very difficult decisions.

Make sure that in your debate and protests that you keep the issue at hand.  What has to happen is the Consitutional rights of the cheerleaders have to be demonstrated.  The Catoosa County School Board also has to protect the system from frivilous law suits.

Remember just because you disagree with the decisions or opionions of others, you are called by God to love, respect and pray for them.

I pray that this situation came be turned around and the cheerleaders rights to display any motivational, inspirational, quotes they wish, including those from the greatest motivational, inspirational book ever-God's Word.

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I just wanted to tell you that J103 has been such a blessing over the past several years. I am so thankful that we have the freedom to listen the Word of God & all of the inspirational songs written/sang about our Heavenly Father. There are so many places around the world that can not do that with the freedom we can here in the USA. I want to thank each of the dj's there who minister to us every single day & who pray for us too. This is a time we need to seek out our heavenly Father & reach out & misiter to others. As sad as it may sound,..there are people out there in our country who have never been introduced to our Savior. I pray that every person who is listening to J103 & other christian radio stations will just reach out to others & tell them the most wonderful love story of all time-the one of how our God gave HIS only Son to die on the cross for our sins so we might have everlasting life! I am so very thankful that He did. There is one song that has been on my mind alot recently & it is the perfect song for getting back to our Heavenly Father! Every time I hear it, moves my spirit & brings tears to my eyes. I pray that I might be able to do this when I meet Him on that wonderful day in Heaven. I would appreciate it if you would try to play this song for me & for others frequently. It is a song by Kari Jobe called "THE MORE I SEEK YOU"......If you do not have that one,..I hope you will play THE REVEALTION SONG-Phillips, Craig & Dean in your rotation as often as possible. Thank you & God bless all of you there today & always!

In HIS Holy name,
Gayle Shepard (Rocky Face)


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