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Ted Gocke
Ted Gocke

Yesterday afternoon I had to take one of our dogs back to the veternarian to have some post-operative stiches removed.  The last time I was in that office was not a happy one.  One of the saddest days of my life was when I had to take our ailing Beagle "Mandy" to be put to sleep.  We had "adopted" her the day we got back from our honeymoon from the humane society in Louisville KY.  We had that dog longer than any of our kids.  I balled like a baby.  Isn't it incredible how attached we get to those animals God gives us dominion over?

So, back to yesterday.  I am sitting there with "Nala" and it was no time at all when they called her back.  As they walked her to the back, she stopped right before the door and looked back at me with those big sad eyes.  I got a huge lump in my throat.  I vividly remembered my previous trip to the office.  I looked through the open door of exam room #5 where I said goodbye to Mandy.  I noticed the other pet owners sitting in the waiting room with their beloved animals and wondered how much their pets meant to them.  One small older dog was waiting his turn to see the doctor.  It's owner, a rather large, middle-aged man and his mother were holding it.  He was hugging it real tight.  I don't know what the dog was there for, maybe just shots or a check up, but I could sense the love they had for that dog.

Less than five minutes later the assistant brought Nala back out-stiches removed.  Our canine was so excited, (I wonder if they gave her a lolipop or something?), we went out the door and were on our way.

I can remember thanking God for our previous animal member of our family and once again, (don't tell my wife), I thanked him for the four dogs we have.  They bring so much joy to our lives don't they?

What about you?  Any wonderful pet stories?  I'd like to see if I am the only sentimantal sap.

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Dusty and I have two siberian huskies; isabell and toby. (see 'em on facebook) toby will be a year on 12/12/09. this time last year his right eye started to turn red and ooz... the vet could not help us.... he had the worst news!!!!!! Toby was not scrtached by isabell as we thought... he was born with juvenile catarcts! oh my gosh what could this mean??? we were referred to a doggy opthamologist in nolansville tn (past nashville) we went to see him (dr. laratta) several times and had so much thrown at us! Low and behold we could have toby fizxed with surgery that estiamtes at 10,000, yep i said 10K and that's not even the repeat trips and meds! so we prayed and God revealed that he would still have a great life; after all he is a member of the Talley family! LOL so dr.laratta said in dogs cararcts are actually an infection over time and WILL cause him to go blind if not treated at all. so without further delay Toby got on two eye drops and an ointment that have slowed his progression and actually started to reverse the catarcts so that he can see again! Dr. laratta said that is so rare, but through many many prayers from everyone it is working! I just love my toby, and Isabell is doing great too!


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