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Ted Gocke

Most people that have a job description that includes the phrase "other duties as assigned"  One of those things that was just added to mine and our music director Justins today was "Removing old satelite dishes and water logged concrete blocks from the station roof."

We received a phone call from our landlord here at the J103 facilities that two old satelite dishes from the old RX107 days was causing damage to the roof and causing leaks.  In our lease we, the current media tennants were responsible for removing this archiac equipment.

I contacted a local crane service, The James Wilson Company, and they cut us a great deal for the use of a boom crane and operator.  We contacted our station engineer Sam, and all met at 8:30 this morning to remove the two huge dishes.  The dishes came off real easy, the most difficult part-the water-logged concrete blocks used to anchor the equipment.

As one of the dishes was being lowered to the ground, I had the thought of how radio technology has changed the message of Christian radio has not.  Once new-those two big dishes helped broadcast the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world, (the old tennants actually used them to pull in programming), but now they were just a pile of scrap metal.

As I mentioned-the Gospel of Jesus Christ never changes.  The Word of God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  It is applicable to our every day life.  If you have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart and life I encourage you to, right now, call 1888-Need-Him.  Someone is sitting-waiting for your call-right now! 

To see the pictures of our "Other Duty As Assigned" log on to our J103 Facebook page.

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This is not a comment about the blog, but I am dying to know the name of a song that come on this morning. 10/19. I know it was on after 9:15 and before 10. It said love is something, and it said something about when you enter love lock the door and throw away the key! Please help me I loved this song! Thank you


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