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Ted Gocke

Last week Justin, (our program director) and I were blessed to attend Momentum, the Christian Music Broadcasters Conference in Orlando.  The conference was held at Disney's Beach and Yacht Club Resort.  The resort is on Crescent Lagoon, and connects to the Boardwalk Resort-making a real nice running path with a beautiful view.  2 of the 3 mornings I got up early and ran the loop.  Once I completed the run I knew it had to be a mile and a half long.  I felt a great sense of accomplishment and was proud!  (I have just gotten back into running.)

This morning we began our Friendraiser.  A year ago J103 was in need of a miracle.  The economy was at its worst, and we had just been forced to eliminate 20% of our staff.  The future of J103, to us human folks, was uncertain.  God responded in a huge way!!!  Listeners responded and called in with urgency.  We saw the need met in record time and with an overflow.  It was incredible!

Fast Forward to this year-the economy is still sluggish but much better, and the current financial situation J103 is in is much improved.  It appears that all of oru listeners realize that and are assuming the need is not as dire.  Steve Green, our station mgr. explained it in a real way this morning on the morning show with me-He asked how would your family handle missing 2-3 paychecks?  My family would be devastated.  That is where J103 is if the $206,000 need is not met.

Now, don't get me wrong-we trust in the Lord fully!  God raised up this ministry and has kept it alive and strong for 15 years.  He will do it again.  He will provide!

So what does "a mile and a half" have to do with our Friendraiser?  When I finished the daily run I felt so good and a great sense of accomplishment, but I have to admit-when I found out it was not as far as I had thought I was a little disapointed.  As I look at the pledges and gifts coming in today-it would be easy to feel a little disapointed (compared to last year), BUT, each gift is what is needed and what God has annointed.  Some may think, "my gift is too small."  There is no "too small."  Just be faithful.

Will you "run the extra mile (and a half)" with us?  Call 893-6767 or toll free 877-262-j103 or go to our homepage and click on the "Donate Now" Button.  God Bless you!

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