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Ted Gocke
Ted Gocke

"It could have been me...."  is a common phrase I am hearing among those who's lives and homes were spared from the damage of last week's Tornados. 

I am one of those.  My wife and I watched it blow by our house as we were sitting on the front porch.

There are a lot of questions that come to survivor's minds.  Call it survivor's guilt or whatever, God encourages me to take those thoughts captive. 

I am reminded what Jesus said in His Word....."Whatever you do unto the least of have done unto me."  Now, those of us who escaped the damage and loss we should keep busy reaching out and continue serving as the hands and feet of God to those who are suffering.

If you had been effected greatly how would you want your neighbors to treat you?

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I totally agree, we should be reaching out to help those in desperate need. I know that God is in control of all things. I know if it were me and my family I would just want anyone that could and would to help me however they could to get back on my feet and pray as much as they can for me. Thanks for this post and thank you for the great job you do on the morning show. I listen every morning. It is a blessing to have people like you on the radio to listen to. Thanks again.
Michelle Kyle from Tunnel Hill, GA
Hello Ted,

I recently had been having unexplainable panic attacks and the thoughts of storms and tornados absolutley terrify me and the last storm that passed us I ended up having a panic attack (the Lord knows). After hearing the news Tuesday night April 26th I went to bed feeling so scared & terrified of what Wednesdays weather was going to bring us so I began to pray and seek God. Tuesday night I dreamed of tornados all night long but everytime I would dream of them I could see them in great power but they would always pass right by my friends, family & myself in my dream. I woke up feeling like God was giving me this dream to show me he was going to protect me & my loved ones. As my husband took me into work Wednesday morning I turned it to J103 and 2 songs came on back to back one was "Can you hear Jesus calling" (not exactly sure of the name) and the 2nd one was "Washed by the Water". I knew imediatley that God was showing me that he would be with me no matter what happens. I just have to give God praise for HIS KEEPING POWER...however it does make me realize how quick life can be gone in a moment. I also said it could have been me... I believe it's time for God's people to keep shining the light even in a greater way. I believe God is shining his light upon us and now JESUS can be seen more clearly. ( I typed this quickly so forgive me of typos etc.. but please feel free to share this testimony if you feel it would be ok to share. I just want Jesus to be seen through me!!!!

God Bless
Miriam Butler


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