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Ted Gocke

Update from my Staycation last week.  First a good definition of a staycation:  a period of time off from work where someone enjoys leisurely time at home.  My wife, Amy's definition of a staycation:  a period of time Ted has off from work where I can get all of the home chores and projects complete!!!!  Just kidding (sort of)! 

My week off from work was a great one.  I did accomplish some projects that needed to be done:  pressure washing both sides of our entire privacy fence-looks brand new now and not like an algae farm.  Trimmed the Knock out roses in the front flower bed-they will really bloom now.  Cleaned out old firepit and set it up with two new "temporary" chairs-(if you know any place I can purchase real aiderondike chairs let me know).

I did manage to sneak in some "down time" also.  I didn't get out of bed until 8am at the earliest.  That day I took Chipper to cross country practice and ran a mile myself.  We went and saw a couple of movies, celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary with a gift card to Hennens, but the best part was being able to stay up late watching TV and hanging out with Amy and the kids and not worrying about how little sleep I was going to get because I was going to have to get up early.

I say all that to say-it's important to take some time off every once in a while and clear your head, but I am so thankful God has called me to join with you during your morning routine!

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