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"I had not stepped foot in a church in over 10 years. I have two small children that had never been to church. We were flipping through stations one day and Seventh Day Slumber was playing. The beat kept my kids interested. It was in January 2007 that we found our new favorite station. Since then my family has found the way to the Lord through music and I have been saved. My 6 year old son now makes a request for the 'Jesus station' every time we get in the car. This brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart that my family is getting to know the Lord. I wanted to say thank you so very much for helping me be a positive influence on my children. J103 has ministered our lives through music. Thank you."

- Christy

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Matthew West Trends on Facebook

It's a rare thing when a Christian singer is actually a trending topic. Lecrae managed it a few weeks ago with the release of Anomaly. Now it's M... View More » 10.20.2014

Winter Jam Coming Back to Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, TN-- The Winter Jam Tour Spectacular will return to Chattanooga as the event enters its 20th year. According to producer, DMI Concerts... View More » 10.14.2014

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Oct 23

Luther and Jesus

Steve Green's Blog : Steve Green

Today Chattanooga said goodbye to the legend simply Luther.  Luther Massingill touched so many lives for so many years.  As a broadcaster myself, I'm absolutely amazed that he devoted 72 years of his life to sharing a smile and a helpful hand to the listeners of Chattanooga....
View Full Post » 10.23.2014 |

Sep 08

Thoughts while pedaling... down down down!!!

Scholar Brad's Blog : Scholar Brad

DOWN!! 20 stories down... as I slide down the Suntrust building Oct 3rd... even tho... I pleaded with you not to vote me over...even tho... I told i was afaid of heights... even tho... my knees are already knocking!! Yet I will overcome this vertigoed obstacle and do my duty as an eagle scout to help the Cherokee Council of the Boy Scouts so they too can follow the trail to eagle.......
View Full Post » 09.08.2014 |

Aug 20

thoughts while pedaling...over the edge?

Scholar Brad's Blog : Scholar Brad

I am afraid of heights! -- now why am I bellowing these five words? because on the j103 homepage these is a poll on which dj do you want to go over the edge...rappel down the 22 story suntrust building... ted's done it... corrys on vacation..bretts ...
View Full Post » 08.20.2014 |

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Luke 1:50

God will show his mercy forever and ever to those who worship and serve him.

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