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As I sit here looking at a task that, according to my calendar, is two days past due (writing the Music Notes article), I know it is time to at least pick the album to write about—it’s decision time. So I start looking through the stacks of CD’s on my desk and the over whelming number of songs on my computer (we keep most of the music on a hard drive now). That didn’t help. I decided I could look at the options all day and still have a hard time picking which album to write about. Finally, I had an idea: Let’s see what Chattanooga’s Christian music fans have elected as their favorite song. That’s it; I’ll write about the album that includes the song that J103 listeners say they like the best.  It turns out that “The Motions” by Matthew West is the highest rated song (via internet-based research) that we currently play. 


Matthew West is an amazing songwriter, and he did not hold back with Something to Say.  He has an interesting characteristic in his songwriting—Matthew is one of the few people that can write a song that is lyrically challenging and has a good, foot-tapping sound.  The music on Something to Say is great! The album includes the radio hits “Something to Say,” “You Are Everything,” and “The Motions.” 

Just before recording this album Matthew had quite a trying time in his life. He had a medical problem with his vocal cords and could not speak for about two months. Matthew explains, “Prior to this experience, I only had a glimpse of what these songs had to say, but having literally nothing to say for two months, it was as if I understood what these songs were trying to communicate all along. It’s like writing messages or taking notes and then taking the test to see if you really ‘get’ what you’ve written. Sometimes you’re given the message before you know what it means. Then the test comes, and you can see how God intended everything to be.”

It was a miracle that Matthew was able to record this album, and I have no doubt that God is using these songs in a big way. Besides being filled with a message that all believers should hear, they’re just catchy and fun to listen to, the kind of songs that you almost can’t help but tap along with on the steering wheel when you hear them in the car.  I would recommend that you check out this album. After all, it includes one of Chattanooga’s favorite Christian songs.


This album is available now on iTunes, at, or in your local Christian bookstores.

Justin Wade
Music Director
J103 Radio

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