Basketball, Football and Frisbee...Oh My!
Brett Ritchey

sports and athletics have always had a large part in my free time
activities. my parents actually met on the softball field at a
tournament where they were both the MVP's of their respective genders,
and since then have always instilled in me and my brother a healthy
competitve nature in everything from soccer to spelling-words.

last night was my first basketball game in the men's league at Red Bank
Baptist. i didn't do bad, but i didn't do amazingly well either. it's
been so long since i've played a 'real' game of basketball...probably
since UTC intramurals in the fall of '06! (wow, i guess my sport of
choice really has become ultimate frisbee.)

i do love this time
of year though when it comes to sports. you still have baseball
finishing up, college football is already underway and pro football has
just gotten started. not to mention the high school sports going on and
winter league for ultimate frisbee starting up in October for me (yay!).

weather is just perfect for outdoor sports this time of year! it's
cooling down, but once you get out and about moving around, it becomes
quite comfortable. so get outside and enjoy yourselves while you can!
well maybe not today since it's raining kittens and puppies, but you
get the picture.

Raining Cats and Dogs