Answer Me A Question - Female Heroes and Best Burgers
Brett Ritchey

more questions, more answers. today i'll tackle the final two blog
comments and then hit an email question later this week. i'll try to
keep it shorter this time.

Patty Capps asks: Who is your favorite female in the Bible and why?

hmmm, tough one. Queen Esther though is at the top of the list i
would say. talk about a rag to riches, Cinderella story. from poverty
to Queen of the largest empire at the time, she was faithful to God and
was able to use her power to save her people. always liked Esther.

Nate Johnson asks: Who do you think serves the best burgers in Chattanooga?

mcdonalds. whoa, just kidding there! this one is a tough one cause i
like-a da food and am usually an equal oppurtunity eater. the easiest
answer would be to say Cheeburger Cheeburger (which is amazing by the
way), but i'm going to have to go with Armando's. great burgers not
frozen patties, and to-die-for bacon and cheese. North Chatt Cat on the
north shore is a close runner up for me too.

so there you are, my favorite female Bible Hero and my favorite Chattanooga burger. for more questions, leave a comment of EMAIL ME what's on your mind! peace!