Stuff Christians Like - God's Favorite Sport
Brett Ritchey

one of my favorite blogs to read is from a guy named Jon Acuff who has a blog called "". he's a member of Northpoint Church in Atlanta and has some of the best blog posts from anyone i've ever read. he approaches Christianity with compassion, sincerity, wisdom and yes, humor. reading back through some of his archived posts, i found this gem: - #205. Frisbee - God's Favorite Sport

I can’t prove this, but I think Christians might be better at
frisbee than non-Christians. I know that doesn’t sound very scientific,
but it feels right. Roughly 94% of the Christians I know can really
throw the Frisbee well. They’re good at ultimate frisbee, can play disc
golf, and can even throw a pretty accurate flick or sidearm if you
will. The Christians that can’t throw the frisbee? Probably

I like to imagine Jesus and the disciples out on the shores of the
Galilee playing a game of ultimate frisbee. Robes would be flying,
beards flapping in the wind majestically as they all laughed and played
like that volleyball scene from the movie Top Gun. Of course, Jesus had
to play using “human rules.” He couldn’t have his throws go farther
using the holy spirit or walk on water to catch an errant pass. As the
“Sons of Thunder,” James and Jon would probably be body checking
everyone and of course Judas would be calling hand fouls left and right.

You’ve had that same thought too right? I’m not the only one am I? Maybe I’m weird.

there's plenty of other great posts on his blog, definitely check out the posts on 'side-hugs', 'always sitting in the same seat at church' and 'giving open flames to kids on Christmas eve'. good stuff!