Top 5 Favorite Christmas Songs
Brett Ritchey

Christmas time means long lines in the stores, crazy drivers,
incessant whining from unhappy little ones and fruit cakes. but it also means
the celebration of our faith at the earth-birth of Jesus, time with friends and
family and wonderful Christmas music. we started playing holiday music the day
after Thanksgiving with a full on 24 hour blast of the holiday cheer, and have
since scaled it back so we're not drowning you in the sounds of the season for
now. we will ratchet it back up as we get closer to Christmas Eve, but as for
now we're mingling it in with your regular J103 favorites.

as we get closer to Christmas though, I thought I would
share with you my top 5 Christmas songs of all time.


christmas #5

5) Francesca
Battistelli - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
: close to my
favorite Christmas song, done by my favorite female vocalist. her peppy version
of this Christmas classic makes me smile and really brightens the mood for the
Christmas season.


christmas #4

4) Relient K -
Sleigh Ride
: leave it to the boys of Relient K to make me fall in love
all over again with a Christmas classic. their bouncing take on this already 'poppy'
holiday song has me wanting to take a ride in a sleigh too!

christmas #3

3) Vince Guaraldi -
Christmas Time Is Here
: growing up, listening to this album was a
Christmas tradition for me. the song framed the moments in this classic movie
so well with a sound both content, and hopeful.


christmas #2

2) Bebo Norman -
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
: this song is my all time
favorite Christmas song yet it's still only number two (and yes, this one song
is on this list twice). Bebo's cover is my favorite version of this song, but i
have so many favorite versions that i couldn't in good faith put one over
another as my #1 song. so that leaves...

christmas #1

1) Capital Lights -
Favorite Christmas Story
: this song made me tear up at the end. true story,
just don't tell anyone i admitted to that okay? this original song by the guys
of Capital Lights is a moving Christmas story of a man's recollection of his
favorite Christmas, and would be a killer Christmas song if redone for
mainstream audiences (as is, it's probably a little too rockin' for most
stations playing 'smooth' Christmas music). you can get the song only on the X
Christmas compilation, or you can also hear it saturday nights on Crossroads.