Brett Ritchey

how is depression something that Christians struggle with? you can
ask my girlfriend how many times i've started conversations with her on
this. we know so many people personally that struggle/have struggled
with depression or depressing feelings and emotions both in and out of
our families, and these people i know are Christians. i don't get it! i really don't!

we have been assured of our eternal salvation, as well as our
forever-home in heaven! not only that, but we'll be hanging out with
the coolest guy to ever walk the face of this earth, the one and only

Matthew 6:25-34 is a great part of the Bible to read if you struggle
with depression, anxiety or worry. sure, it doesn't specifically
address every situation that could cause someone to feel or grow
depressed, but there are over 150 BILLION adult birds on this planet at any one time and God provides for each of them every day! why wouldn't God spend time to provide for us in every way when we're his favorite creation? we, the same people who he sent his only son to pay the price for all of our sin, stupidity and evil.

God loves you. He loves me. this is something to be happy about!
it's when we recognize his love for us that we get so excited we can't
keep it in and have to share it. when we share God's love with others,
we're too busy to think about anything going on that could drag us down or depress us. every day is a gift of God's love, so never give up hope, daylight is coming!

(see what i did there? transitioning to the YouTube video below?)