People Have Feelings?
Brett Ritchey

have you ever noticed how some people just absolutely set themselves
up for stuff. this could be anything, from setting themselves up for
ridicule, pain or even heartache! one of my really good friends
continuously sets themself up to be picked on, and i'll admit, i prey on
these oppurtunities more than i should.

how is it that i claim to be trying to love well, and yet i
point, prick and jab with everyone else when i know i shouldn't. first
of all, it's been a habit for way too long, and old habits like that die
hard. ask anyone that knows me well and they'll tell you i'm a very
sarcastic person. sarcasm in and of itself is mocking, scornful and many
times hurtful (especially if conveyed in the wrong company). does that
mean i believe sarcasm is completely uncalled for and should be done
away with? no. but i should learn to curb-stomp my tongue next time
before i speak or say something out of place in sarcasm.

secondly, SHOCKING REVELATION TIME...people have feelings!


nobody likes being the brunt of everyone's cruelty, even if it's meant in "jest" and "fun". you may say that some people see being the group jester or whipping post as at least some attention compared to the no attention they'd be getting otherwise, but we humans aren't dumb. we know that attention like that is still empty, even if we're okay with it. so at least if i have trouble holding my tongue just to do nothing more than stifle my sarcastic remarks, i should at least be thinking about the other person and their feelings.

both allowing yourself to be the brunt of people's jests, as well as hurling the insults and poking fun at someone are both signs of insecurities. we as Christians should take comfort in our faith, as well as our grace-giver, Jesus, and know that the love we have recieved is useless without sharing it with others. to see the perfect example of how God's love should represent itself in us, 1 John chapter 4 is a great chapter to read in the Bible.

1 John 4 from