Shining the Eco-friendly Light
Brett Ritchey

Ahhh, humor. It is indeed subjective but I have to admit there's a
piece of me that loves antagonizing (just ask my girfriend). That sort
of made yesterday (April Fools) a holiday of sorts for me. If you missed
it on our Facebook page, J103's light became a little more
environmentally conscience with a swith to a compact fluorescent bulb.
This was all in jest of course to provide chuckles to those privy to the
date, but there were still some that took a moment to realize. Here are
some of my favorite reactions though direct from our Facebook page!


Wendy Steele: "does this call for a new bumper sticker?"

Dave Poe: "lol ... only in America is Haz-mat eco friendly!! .. smh"

Melissa Shelton: "April Fools? That is ugly."

Perk Evans: "I just threw up in my mouth... A little."

Robin Swanson: "The light bulb is ok but the j103 part is way "60-70"s not so crazy about that part. But it you change it I would still sport proudly on my car so get ready to send two my way."

Jessica Churches: "Love it!! Made me laugh!!!"

Rebekah Staats: "Hey guys, they posted this a
while back, then confirmed it's a JOKE. They aren't really changing the
logo. Remember: today is April Fool's Day.... so don't worry!!"


j103 fake logo