Looking Like God
Brett Ritchey

i posted on our J103 Facebook page a while back the question "why do you think God made us in His image?" It got some cool responses:

Timothy Hamby I would say he wanted his children to look like him

Tonya Parker Hammontree He
already had servants-his angels. He wanted family. Children who would
take after their Father! He is amazing! I hope I look like my Daddy! I
love You, my dear Abba, Father!

Carla Hixson Hayward God
is love. He created people who can love and reason as He can. Expecting
and wanting us to just show His kind of love to each other and to love
Him back.

Christy Jones God
is perfect, we r perfect in his eyes! So we look like him, so the pic
of him that we associate with him can not b accurate because we r all
different in our own way but yet we r all the same hmmm!?

i love all of these responses and the others that were posted in reply to the FB update. the reason i asked that though, and what got me thinking on it was a part in a book I'm reading called "Is God A Moral Monster" by Paul Copan, a great book to read if you've ever thought about the old testament God as different form the new.

in the book though, Paul talks about how many people call God a self-conceited, full of himself diety for making us in His image, but Paul points out that that's not the case. think about it, if we truly believe that God is indeed perfect in every way and that he loves us more than anything, why would he not want the best for us? especially in our basic design as humans!

God designed human-beings to look like him, not because he's a snob in the sky, but because he's the ultimate perfect being and loves us so much that he wants us to be like Him. it's just a little bit from the book, but something i had never thought about for and loved the realization of! thought I had to share some, but you can check out the book for more!