Getting to Know Me
J103 Intern

Hello Everyone!

I am Alexandra. I just started my internship here with J103
this past week and do most of my work behind the scenes, so you probably will
not hear me on the radio. I am like Khrista when it comes to being on air. It
is terrifying.

I am Junior/Senior public relations major at Lee University
with hopes of graduating next May. My mom is starting to ask me what I plan to
do with my life after I graduate and I still don't know exactly what I want to
do in my field. I know I love event planning, connecting with people and
traveling to new places. Finding a job like that would be ideal, but meeting
all of those qualifications may prove to be problematic. However, I am faithful
that God will open doors that I did not even see.

I grew up in Music City USA (Nashville), but I actually
prefer to call Chattanooga home. This city has the history and charm that a
girl like me finds attractive. I love to see how people can take something old
and make it their own, and if you look around Chattanooga has done just that. They
have taken what they were given and made it charming, beautiful, and unique.
This is why my hobby is arts and crafts. I love taking pieces of different
things and creating something from it. Currently, I am trying out my green
thumb. I have some seedlings that have sprouted let's just hope I keep them
alive longer. I'll keep you guys posted.

This is only a tid-bit of who I am, but if I told you my
life story we would be here for a long time. I do however, look forward to
sharing a weekly blog of my life as an intern at J103 for the duration of the
summer. Can't wait to see what crazy, amazing things will happen here.