J103 Intern

This post has been the most challenging one for me yet. I come from a fairly small family, distant relatives were just
that and most of everyone was usually to broke to break the distance via travel.
Frankly I don't have too many family vacations or reunions to derive a funny
story from.

Since I have been married however,
I have had the privilege to travel around a bit more. My husband and I have
driven to Florida and Indiana to visit family. We have also been
able to visit my parents in Ohio.
All of which being a sort of family reunion, small yes but we were able to see
loved ones that we haven't been able to see face-to-face since we have been
living in Tennessee.

funniest moment I can think of was this past Thanksgiving break when we visited
my parents in Ohio.
My (at the time 15 year old) sister, Amber and I realized it had been a while
since we did each other's make up. As a result we both agreed that we could do
whatever it is we wanted to the other's face. After we both finished we looked
in the mirror to find that had colored my face to resemble a penguin and I had
made her look like a man. This was probably the most fun I had had with her
since we were both kids, we always have fun but this was just over the top!