My First Blog...Ever
J103 Intern


You may or may not have heard my name from Ted, Brett, or even my own
personal one time experience on the radio, but I am Khrista, the intern
for J103. I began my internship with J103 in July, when I searched for a
Journalism business that I could go to every day after school as a part
of my Youth Apprenticeship Program.

While I am graduating from high school in less than a month, I will
soon be on my way to the University of Georgia to major in Journalism.
Unfortunately, my voice will not be heard on the radio in Athens, for I
am terrified of talking on the radio. And that fear is the reason why I
have decided to write my blogs. Plus, I absolutely love to write, which
makes it a surprise that this is my first blog. 

I have always thought that I will end up writing many books, but
never once thought about attempting any type of blog, until I came to
J103. The guys here thought that it would be a neat idea to get the
interns' perspective of working at the radio station, and I agreed to
this idea.

As I said, I am graduating soon, so I sadly will not be with J103 for
much longer, but while I am still interning here, I will continue to
blog. So don't worry, you will hear all of my honest and certainly
entertaining stories and experiences that I have had at J103.