Surprised So Far?
J103 Intern

I was somewhat unsure about what to expect in an office
environment before I started my internship. Like Alexandra I am a server
therefore I am used to a physically fast paced environment where there is
little time to stop and get to know your co-workers. I have only been here for
a week or two now and yes the week or two before J-fest so things are somewhat
chaotic (which I like). In the few weeks that I have been here I may not have
gotten to know the staff at J103 that well, but I have come to see that the
staff is more like a family than a crew. My first day I had lunch with Ted,
Justin, Brad and Brett and just watching them chat I could see that they know each
other and know what is going on in each others lives.

So I guess what has surprised me the most about my
internship is the vibe. I expected it to be more uptight (for lack of a better
word). Everyone here is more down to earth than I expected, in my mind I guess
I’ve connected professionalism with detached co-worker relations.

--Autumn :)