Surprises at the Station
J103 Intern

Coming to J103 I didn't know what to expect because I have
never worked in an office environment. All I have ever known is the restaurant
business where everything moves at a fast pace and you never get time to spend
with your co-workers. It is a nice change of pace being in an office and learning
a new way of doing things. I actually find myself having to slow down so I am
not so cold hearted and business-like. J103 is all about building relationships
and becoming a family. I feel so relaxed here.

On my first day I was thrown into the family when Ted came
into the conference room and plopped his leg on the table and announced that
yes he does shave his legs and arms. When he was bodybuilding he shaved them for the contest and now he can't let it grow back out because it becomes

I am sure that there will be more surprises to come. I've
been here two weeks and already a story has emerged. Can't wait to see what
happens next.