What Surprised Me About J103
J103 Intern

When I first began my internship at J103, I was immediately
surprised by how laid back the station was. I guess that I always just assumed
that a radio station would be strict and extremely business-like. While there
is plenty of business going on, it is also an environment where people can have
a good time and enjoy their jobs. It was refreshing to be around that kind of

Another thing that I didn’t expect was how close everyone was. When
I first noticed this, it was the first “birthday lunch” that I went to. This is
when everyone gathers for lunch once a month to celebrate all of the birthdays
in that month. As I looked around the table at everyone eating their lunches
and making casual conversation, it looked as if I was eating with one, big
family. It was such an amazing sight.

The best part was that I felt like a part
of this family. This was evident when something would happen that would upset
me and everyone (including ALL of the DJs) would talk to me and tell me that
they were there for me if I needed anything. It was so thoughtful of them and so
nice to feel like they were there for me.

I never would have expected to come
here for an internship and leave knowing that I have created relationships with
these people that I will never forget.

Oh and some other things that I didn’t expect:
Ted’s participation in a body building contest, Brett’s obsession with Frisbees,
and the fun, yet extensive and sometimes random projects that I was given to by