Some say the end is just the beginning...
J103 Intern


Hey everyone...Haylee here.

Sadly this is my last blog as a J103 intern.
Words cannot express how sad I am to no longer work with the amazing, yet silly
J103 staff. As I have stated before, this internship has been such a blessing
in so many ways. For me, this internship was so much more than just an
"internship" it was a chapter written by God Himself, a chapter of... self-discovery.
During my time, as part of this incredible family I learned so much about life,
trust, my faith and even some ways to pull pranks on some unsuspecting people;
all through my numerous chats, "girl talks" and life lessons with the entire
"J" family.
 I can always expect Ted to be rarin' to
go in the mornings. "HEY GIRL! What's happenin'? " He would say every
morning when I walked in... Funny how that one sentence made me smile every
time. I will never forget driving Ted to an interview that was across town
and we got there in 8mins...needless to say, he found out that I am a bit of a
NASCAR fan that day!
 I knew after my first week I had to be
"on my toes" around Justin and Brett... I never knew what kind of
prank they had up their sleeve, but little did they know... I knew it was coming.
Now Brad- or Bud..or hey you.. yeah, he'll
answer to anything, he is one of a kind for sure. He no matter what made me
laugh, even when I was sick, I could always count on him to do or say something
totally off the wall that would make me crack up... "What are you laughing
at?" he would ask. I was introduced to awesome music, new "dance moves"
and some pretty silly cartoons from "back in the day" I'm going to
miss those silly afternoons!
All the guys encouraged me to go on air no
matter what I had been told about my "Minnie Mouse voice."
 Words of affirmation is all I received from the J103 team, and for that I
am so thankful. Well, "J" it's been an amazing 3 months but every chapter must
come to an end... although some to soon.
A huge thanks to everyone at J103 for making
this the most memorable summer yet!

I love you all so very much, it's not
"goodbye" its "I'll see you later..."
so, I'll see you later J103 on to my next
chapter... Senior Year at SU!

Wow, how time flies!!