The Time Is Now
J103 Intern

Hey everyone, Haylee here.. 
flood my mind of my beloved family in El Bongo, Nicaragua as I sit in the
studio this morning during the Cross International share- A- thon. My heart is
breaking listening to all the stories from the team's visit to Porta Prince,
Haiti. Stories of the children standing outside the gates of the school because
their parents do not have the money for them to get an education, stories of
children walking two hours just to get to school for that one hot meal a day.
Fresh off the mission field, I can see those childrens faces when they receive
that hot meal that is provided by sponsors all over the world... and I'll tell
you one thing it is pure joy! It is so incredible to see God's joy through a
child's smile! God calls us to make disciples of all nations and to use our
gifts to bless others... so I ask, what are you doing today to show God's love? I
want to challenge you today to make a difference in someone's life today!  The time is now!