Thoughts while Pedaling...American Idol
Scholar Brad


Monday we delivered backpacks to the
underprivileged school kids in the inner city... and once again I was incensed
by the monetary under appreciation of our teachers... reason with me, Alex Rodriguez
a professional baseball player makes 100 million a year for hitting a ball with
a bat...
and we cheer wildly
when he hits a homerun ….yet the teachers who encouraged his passion what do
think they make? And are we cheering wildly for her?  Am I the only person
that thinks teachers should be making six to seven figures? I believe we need
to have a society where education is so valued teachers would be wooed from
other schools for greater perks....Someday these kids will be running the
world... and I think you would agree that they should have the finest education
available! I think our world is warped as we hold entertainment almost as an
idol, a godless American idol....