Changing Neighborhoods
Steve Green

The Big Daddy Weave concert last night was awesome! They played one of my favorite songs, called Changing Neighborhoods and God spoke to my heart in a special way during that song. It got me thinking and I wanted to share with you these thoughts about neighborhoods:
There are 3 different kinds of neighborhoods and most of us live in one of them.  The first neighborhood is full of lost people. They need to accept the work that Jesus did on the cross for them, dying to pay for their sins and rising to be their Lord for all eternity. If you've not given your life to Jesus and accepted that most awesome gift of salvation yet, do it today, and I"ll say "Welcome to the Neighborhood!" There is a second neighborhood. It's full of Christians who have strayed far away from the God they love.  A few wrong turns and suddenly you find yourself in a really "bad" neighborhood, hanging out with the wrong crowd and daily getting farther and farther away.  If you're hanging out on the wrong side of the's time to change neighborhoods. Listening to J103 is a great start, but you need a church and some Christian friends.  Trust me, that's a lot better neighborhood than the "bad" one.  Finally, there is a third neighborhood. It's full of well meaning Christians who love the Lord, go to church, have Christian friends, listen to Christian radio, etc. etc.  BUT...there is this ONE THING that haunts them and proves to be a barrier in their relationship with Christ.  If they could just give that ONE THING over to the Lord it would change their life.  Are you in that neighborhood?  What's the ONE THING and what's keeping you from surrendering COMPLETELY?  Do it today! and WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD! YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT HERE!