Mama Can't Get You Into Heaven
Steve Green

I read the news today on Facebook. A guy that was once a real hero of mine passed away this week.  He was the afternoon guy at the first radio station I ever worked at.  He had one of the most exciting shows on radio! A high energy guy that brought his A game to the air every day. 

But he never gave his life to Christ. In fact, on his Facebook page, he proudly lists himself as an agnostic.  NO GOD.  Unfortunately he knows now that THERE IS A GOD! But he found out too late.

All over his facebook page are comments about how he's in heaven now with his sweet mama.  It saddens me greatly to think that he probably isn't.  But it saddens me more that so many of his well meaning friends think he's in heaven just cause he was a nice guy.

The Bible says the only way to heaven is through a belief in Jesus Christ as the only Son of God, who died on a cross to pay the price for our sin. A price we couldn't pay.  A price an agnostic can't pay. 

Let's never get confused about this!  Mama can't get you into heaven. Only surrendering YOUR HEART to JESUS!  I'd like to think that maybe He did give his life to Christ and just never got around to changing his reliigious beliefs on his facebook page.....but really?

Don't count on mama. Give your life to Christ today if you haven't already!