Bowling....and other things....
Steve Green

I decided to take the family to Pin Strikes last week for the J103 bowling night extravaganza.  I used to bowl...should be like riding a bike...right? 
First frame...two gutter balls.
Second frame....two gutter balls.
Third frame...finally a spare, I've got this figured out now!

Things went well for awhile then I hit another stretch of 1 and 2 pin misery. 

Then the next I crawled out of bed I realized it's been 25 years since I last went bowling. Wow how the time flies.  So although we had a blast I did pay for it a little the next day.  But I also realized how fast time marches on.  We get so busy, life just flies by!

How could I enjoy something so much....and yet 25 years slip away before I realize I've not been in a bowling alley?  Guess it says a lot about being "too busy".

Are you "too busy"?  What things have you let slip by that you wish you'd taken more time for?