You Blistered Me!
Steve Green

I learned another lesson about turning the other cheek this week.  I must admit, I was left a bit confused, but glad that I didn't react when provoked.  Here's the very strange story I'm hoping you can help me with:

I recently dropped my wife and son off at the front door of an area Wal-Mart for a quick stop.  I turned around to park the car and passed a gentleman rearranging packages in the back of his car.  I suspect I passed him at a rate of 10-14mph.  He began waving his arms and screaming at me.  I stopped, rolled down the window a bit and asked him how I could help him.  He cursed and yelled "You Blistered Me, and then you just turned around and drove off!"

I have no idea what that means. I told him I was sorry, but to please explain to me what I had done.  He just kept saying, over and over, "You blistered me you (multiple expletives here)"

I drove away, happy I didn't respond to his ranting and raving...but still really confused. Can somebody out there tell me what that means?
"You blistered me!"  Huh?