Smart phones and Dumb phones
Steve Green

Just thinking today about how much access we have to everything with our smart phones these days! It is truly amazing.  Back in the days of the Blackberry...I had friends texting and with my dumb phone I just didn't get it. Why don't you just call me???   But that's all changed.

It's funny.  I had a sleepless night last night and found myself in front of the television at 2am.  Saw a really interesting show about a guy that collects AM transistor radios.  Remember those?  Fits in your hand, operates on a 9 volt battery, picks up only AM stations and has a tiny speaker in the front of it.  Turn the radio in the wrong direction and lose the signal.  But it was cool.  And at that time, it was all we needed.

Now you can use that smart phone to listen to J103!  Whether you have an iPhone or Android our free app, if you haven't already.

It sounds a lot better than that old transistor radio, and you can pick us up anywhere you go!