Hannah and You
Steve Green

Today is the final day of our Fall FriendRaiser. The day when God shows up and does miracles through His people. The day when we see amazing things happen.  I love the final day of a fundraiser because it's very exciting.   But nothing will happen today that beats a phone call I took last night.

Hannah called.  She lost her mother recently and now is living with her father.  She feels he doesn't really want her there and that nobody cares about her.  She's had thoughts of suicide.  She's ready to just give up.   But she's listening to J103 and we play the song Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave.  She called to tell us that the song gave her hope and made her realize that God cares about her even if nobody else does.  It was a defining moment in Hannah's life.  I was the one that was blessed to take Hannah's call.  We prayed for peace and comfort. I prayed for her dad to realize how much his daughter needs him.  And I hung up the phone just praising God for how he uses this ministry. 

In these final hours, will you become a partner with J103? To insure that lives like Hannah's are filled with hope for a brighter future?  Your one time gift of $200 can make such a difference.  If you've landed at this page, click the donate now button in the top left corner and become a partner today.

God Bless You!