Flooding just messes everything up!
Ted Gocke

This is what Chipper has been saying!  There is a new video game for his XBox Live that came out at Midnight last night.  They are out of school all day today, so he would of had plenty of time to enjoy it today, BUT, Battlefield Pkwy is closed from Dietz Rd past the Walmart which means.....we can't get to the store to pick it up.

As you can imagine, I am not looking forward to letting him know Nana and Papa can't pick him up and go get it! 

With the flooding that is going on and people having to evacuate their houses, with lives that have been lost, it will be easy to help him keep this disapointment in perspective.  Chipper has a good heart-he'll be alright!

We will pray for those people effected in "real" ways.  We all need to remember when we face difficulties and disapointments in our life that there is a bigger picture. 

No matter what is going on in our lives....We are so blessed!