It' Seems Lilke a Week!
Ted Gocke

It seems like it has been a week since I have posted a new blog.......probably because it has.  After the morning show last week I took the rest of the day off to be with my kids on their Fall Break.  It was really nice.  We visited a couple of colleges, worked in the yard, saw an incredible illusion show, had a surprise birthday party for Lauren, (thrown by two of her incredible friends!  Thanks Steph and Lizard!)

Speaking of Lauren, I am so proud of her.  She is wonderful.  She came down with the flu early Friday, but still went and took the SAT on Saturday morning.  Pray for her and my wife Amy-they both have the flu pretty bad!  Me and the boys are trying to stay away as much as possible and have washed our hands more times this weekend than we have in years.

It's good to be back with you on the blog and the Morning Show!  I will post some pics real soon of our Prostate Cancer Media Walk two Saturdays ago-It was a lot of fun and the views were breathtaking.