JFEST 2010????
Ted Gocke

Alright, JFest has celebrated 11 years of music and ministry.  Last year for the first time we moved this incredible festival, that has seen hundreds of people give their lives to the Lord, to Abba's House due to the economy and the cost saving/risk eliminating(rain) measures.

We have basically heard two different types of comments:
     1.  I miss Camp Jordan and being outside-it does not feel like a
         festival-we want grass under our feet!
     2.  We love the air conditioning and the nice restrooms of Abba's

We are getting close to making the decision on JFest 2010.  What do you think?  It is your festival!  You have made JFest a huge success and fantastic family tradition to kick off the summer each year.  Where should we have JFest 2010?  Multiple days?  (Friday-Saturday?  Saturday-Sunday?)  Who would you like to see at JFest?

Give us your best case scenario.  Would you like to see it at....(place).....on .....(days) and I want to see.....(who?) on the line up?