This was the Best Friendraiser I can remember!
Ted Gocke

I have been with J103 for almost every one of the Share-a-thons.  This one seemed to have a really fresh presence of the Holy Spirit.  It was evident in the testimonies, in the callers pledges and in the sacrifice of our volunteers that God was definately in control, on His throne and providing for His ministry.

After my show each day I would move into the telephone central room and relieve Justin.  Thursday evening I was sitting at the laptop entering the pledges so that the guys in the studio could see the current totals.  From my vantage point I could hear the volunteers speaking to each person that called.  They would hand me the pledge form and I would enter it into the computer.  I was the first person to be able to see the need being closer and closer to being reached!  We actually met the need way before the 7pm deadline!  Thank you Jesus!  And what is more-God confirmed the fact that He is in control by allowing us to go over the need by $19,000+

Now don't forget to send in those pledges-this was perhaps the most important, crucial friendraiser we have ever had.  Now can you imagine if all those who called in would continue to partner with us each month-we would never have to face a deficit like this again.

I can sense a new spirit of life to this ministry!  Your ministry!  God's ministry!  Reaching people for Christ through the Power of One!

Have a great weekend!